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This proposed listing forms part of the draft Cardiff buildings of local historic or architectural interest list - Public Houses, Hotels and Clubs (current and former)

Building reference

30 Nine Giants


Building dated 1895 – apparently converted to a pub post-war


Thornhill Rd, CF14 6PE

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The Nine Giants started life as a private house, constructed in 1895. Originally called ‘The Lawn’, it was a family residence owned by Ivor J. Roberts Esq and leased for a term of 94 years at £15 per annum. It Comprised of ‘one and a half acres of ornamental grounds, orchards &c… together with conservatory, stabling, and other accessory buildings.’ The property was sold at auction in 1899 to the vendor’s brother Alfred Roberts, for the sum of £2,100.

The property had changed name to ‘Lissadrone’ just prior to its sale of June 1910 (still being called ‘The Lawn’ in January 1910, it was ‘Lissadrane’ by October of the same year).

In 1924, ‘Lissadrone’ was again sold to Frank O. Cory Esq and ‘alterations & additions’ were made for the same in 1927, to designs of the Architect Richards & McClean. It seems that intended end-use for the building was unclear – the ‘building type’ simply noted as ‘unclassified’.

The premises became a public house sometime after the OS map survey of 1948.


The original portion of the building (‘Lissadrone’)  comprised of the eastern part of the principal two-storey east-west range with double-gable (southern) front and mock Tudor timber-frame detailing. This was later extended at two storeys to the west, with a large orangery to the fore. There is a further, single storey pitched roof addition to the west.

To the rear, pitched roof two-storey additions and further, single-storey extensions extending into the former service yard to the rear.

The whole is set away from the road within still-generous grounds, with mature trees to all sides. To the front, a sunken lawn with steps aligned to the front entrance. To the west, a large car park.


A large and attractive public house, set within generous grounds and born from a building with a relatively long and potentially interesting history.

Aesthetic, Historical and Communal value.


Glamorgan Archives


Lissadrone, 52 Ninian Road, Roath Park, 6 and 7 Windsor Road and 101 Cowbridge Road, all Cardiff


Sale. Notice of sale by auction, 6 Oct 1910. [See also sale book 21 (ref. DSA/8/21) f.83]


The Lawn (Lissadrone), Caerphilly Road, Llanishen


Sale. With note as to loan of particulars in 1934.

‘see also file 1913’ [DSA/12/1913].

(D.T. Alexander as second mortgagee and guarantor). 5/1.

Part file cover.

Correspondence 17 Feb 1910-8 Jul 1911 (also a note relating to loan to and return of the particulars by Capt. Bailey in 1934).

  1. Particulars and conditions of sale and plan for auction 16 Jun 1910, with photograph. Marked `D.T.A. Private’ and with notes and observations added in red ink.
  2. Details of D.T.A.’s guarantee.
  3. Copy Merrils Ede’s account 1907-1910 with notes attached.
  4. Notes relating to payment made by Mr. Allen.
  5. Photograph of the property of the same frontage as used in the particulars, but from a different position.

Merrils Ede, 111 St. Mary St., Cardiff.

[See also sale book 21 (ref. DSA/8/21) f.67]


Lissadrone, Llanishen.


Sale to Trustees of Frank Cory.

(Arthur H. Callaghan). E/5.

Part file cover.

Correspondence 13 Aug-29 Sep 1924.

1 file.


Alterations & Additions, Liss-Adrone, Caerphilly Rd Llanishen

1927 – Architect: Richards & McClean – Developer: Frank O Cory Esq

Building type: Not classified yet Plans and elevations


XXXVII.14 (37.14) revision of 1940.

Murray Threipland land at Llanishen Fach & Lissadrone edged blue, Graig Farm (Wride) brown, Tredegar estate land orange and land of Phillip Jones green; with the blue & orange land extending onto XLIII.2 [not in DSA/20].

Additional images

1901 OS map showing site of the Nine Giants pub Cardiff

1898, Published 1901. Glamorgan Sheet XXXVII.SW


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