Timeline overview

The Replacement LDP will help shape Cardiff for the next 15 years to 2036 ensuring the right development happens in the right place at the right time, benefitting communities and the economy and setting out which areas need to be protected.

There are many stages in preparing a Local Development Plan as set out in our Local Development Plan Delivery Agreement (PDF).

March 2021

Welsh Government Delivery Agreement.

May 2021

Replacement LDP Pre-Launch Event (PPT)

Consultation on draft vision/issues/objectives, draft Integrated Sustainability Appraisal and Call for Candidate Sites.

November 2021 – February 2022

Consultation on strategic Options.

January 2023

Consultation on Preferred Strategy.

October 2023

Consultation on Deposit Plan.

March 2024

Submission for Examination.

March 2024 – September 2024


September 2024

Inspectors Report.

October 2024

Adoption by Council.