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48 The Woodville




1-5 Woodville Road, CF24 4DW

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First newspaper mention of the Woodville Hotel comes as early as July 1857, when the Landlord Mr Edward Rowland advertised building ground ‘Near the Taff Vale Waggon Works, and on the road to the new Cemetery, to be let in frontages of 16, 18, and 20 feet, on Leases for 99 years.’

Rowland remains landlord until 1870, when his licence was refused ‘in consequence of the bad character the house has obtained.’ The Hotel was obviously a thriving business at this time, Rowland telling the bench that ‘the interests involved in this house were very serious, something like £800 or £1000 a year’.1

The establishment is first shown within the OS map of 1880 (surveyed 1879) as terminating the terrace to Woodville Road, prominently placed upon the junction. There is an extensive yard to the north, adjacent to Cathays Terrace. The smaller portion abutting the Woodville Hotel likely belongs to said establishment (with perhaps a stable building), but there is gated access through to the larger portion. This is perhaps where Edward Rowland was seeking to build. There is a urinal against the western elevation of the building. There is a post office to the rear, as part of the terrace to Woodville Road. The Wagon Works can be seen at this date, located to the east.

A photo of c.1890 shows the establishment. Of particular note are the original doorway to the faceted corner against the junction, with once-smaller windows adjacent. The whole is topped by a moulded cornice defining the entrance. The windows are six-over-six sashes (indicating the considerable age of the building), with moulded surrounds to the first floor. The roof has a parapet and at least three chimney stacks. The post office can be seen to the rear, as part of the terrace to Woodville Road.

A small Bathroom addition was proposed to the Hotel in 1894 (by which time the Hotel was owned by SA Brain & Co). Further alterations were undertaken in 1911. These phases of work presumably resulted in expansion into the former post office to the rear and the small western extension seen within the OS map of 1920 (surveyed 1915).

The OS of 1947 (surveyed 1941) shows a number of the houses to Woodville Terrace lost – perhaps due to enemy action during the war. These were rebuilt by 1952.

Further alterations were undertaken in 1948 (extent of work unclear).

By the mid-1980s, the establishment had further expanded into Woodville Road, taking another house from the terrace.


1 £1000 in 1870 was equivalent to about £152,000 in today’s terms.


Prominently located, three-storey building with faceted corner to the junction of Cathays Terrace, Woodville Road and Senghennydd Road, also occupying two of the buildings to Woodville Road terrace.

The original portion of the building has ashlar coursed render to the ground floor with quoin detailing to the corners. Timber two-over-two windows are later insertions, most notably to the ground floor faceted corner, which was once the principal entrance doorway. Tripartite sashes adjacent are within enlarged openings (dropped sills).

The roof is pitched, slated and hipped to the corner. Overhanging eaves are later (originally a parapet to principal elevations). Dormer locations are as built, though ornate corbelled chimney stacks have all been lost.

The two-storey portion to the north still shows approximate extent of the post office frontage (with door and window opening to Woodville Road), though the doorway has been relocated and the sill level substantially raised. Six-over-six sashes to the upper floor of the northernmost terrace building may be original.


Originating as an early-Victorian Hotel, the building still shows some interesting external features which demonstrate its early grandeur. Aesthetic and Historical Value.

At least 165 years of service imparts considerable Communal Value.


Glamorgan Archives


Addition to the Woodville Hotel, Woodville Hotel, Woodville Road

1894 – Architect: S Williams – Developer: S A Brain & Co Ltd

1 plan, no elevations


Additions to Hotel, Woodville Hotel, Woodville Road

1911 – Architect: S Williams – Developer: S A Brain & Co Ltd

1 plan, no elevations


Alterations to hotel, Woodville Hotel, Woodville Road

1948 – Architect: G R H Rogers – Developer: W Hancock & Co Ltd

1 Plan including elevations


Photograph showing the Woodville Hotel, Cardiff with a group of people positioned outside.



The Woodville Hotel, Cardiff



(S.A. Brain & Co. Ltd.). G/4.

Part file cover.

Correspondence 3 Jul-2 Aug1918. – Copy of repairing clause. – S & A’s notebook

Additional images

c.1890 photograph of the Woodville pub, Cardiff

c.1890 photograph


1948 drawing of the Ground Floor Plan of the Woodville Pub Cardiff

1948 Proposed Ground Floor Plan


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